Connecting with Family during a Pandemic

During a pandemic the safest thing that you can do for your family is to self-isolate, but that means distancing yourself from those outside of your home. That can be difficult, especially when you may have high-risk family members that you want to check in on.

Here are a few ways that you can connect with your loved ones from a distance:

FaceTime – if you both have an iPhone this can be a great and easy way to chat face to face

Skype – if your loved ones have a different carrier, try using this platform as an option

Zoom – if you want to connect with a group of people all in different locations this is a great platform to utilize

Conference Call – if video chatting isn’t an option, just giving someone a call can mean the world to them

Play a Game – there are options where your family members can play an online game together at the same time, or maybe you set up an electronic chat like Zoom and play a game all together.

Send a Gift – some companies may still be doing deliveries, so sending someone you care about a gift by ordering online is a kind gesture to show you’re thinking of them

There are lots of ways to connect with those at a distance thanks to advancements in technology. While self-isolating may present its challenges, we don’t have to be in complete isolation thanks to technology!

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