Hand Sanitizer Recipe

If your local stores are out of hand sanitizer, we recommend picking up the ingredients necessary to make your own at home.

Here is a quick recipe for making your own hand sanitizer:

– 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol
– 1/3 cup aloe vera gel
– Medium mixing bowl
– Spoon
– Empty container (a great option is a small container that you can find in the travel toiletries section of your local store)

In a mixing bowl, stir the rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel together until they are thoroughly blended.

Pour the liquid into an empty container and seal. Be sure to label the container appropriately when finished.

The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol content. This recipe makes a hand sanitizer that meets that standard, so please follow the proportions exactly as written. However, if you’d like your hand sanitizer to have a higher alcohol percentage, then just decrease the amount of aloe vera used to ¼ cup.

We hope this helps you remain calm, prepared and healthy.

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